Collection: Cat and small animal products

Purr-fect for your favourite feline and small animals. Boost their health and wellbeing, both inside and out, with our range of all-natural products. Designed to hydrate the skin and help reduce redness and irritation, our Truly Natural ointment for cats is free of nasty chemicals and irritants, making it easy to protect your cat’s delicate skin and fluffy coat.

Our natural small animal shampoo also helps protect your kitten, cat, puppy, guinea pig or rabbit from harsh ingredients, gently cleansing their coat and skin and leaving their fur clean, soft and shiny.

Our healthy selection of treats, made from 100% pure and natural ingredients, also help improve your cat’s overall wellbeing. Watch them glow with health, inside and out, with our range of natural products.

Your furry friend will thank you from the bottom of their paws to the tips of their ears!

$10 capped postage Aus wide