Can’t recommend the extreme moisture ointment enough this product is amazing! After multiple trips to the vet,$100 of dollars, various medications later with no real affordable long term solution and lots of trial and error my mother in law found this product online. Both her Staffy & my Brittany had dry broken red raw skin this cleared it up in a few days.


Amazing stuff! Our staffy was on steroid injections but they were no longer working so I tried this and within 2 days her red raw, bald, itchy skin had completely calmed down. Never had an issue or vet visit since!


I highly recomend this product. My little girl had an allergy to a certain grass and she would chew her feet and scratch her stomach to the point of ripping her skin to pieces and bleed profusely, it was costing a fortune every three months for cortison injections at the vet, but didn't help much at all. I saw this post on fb and bought the cream and shampoo and now she is completely clear and doesn't scratch much or chew her feet at all. She is a much happier and much livelier, she now runs around and plays with my other little baby


Meowy is having no more needles every two months. He was having cortisone, antihistamine and antibiotics and not sure if they where helping him in the end or not so just like to say a big thankyou for your product I have got one very happy boy Meowy



I have a rescue English Staffie, he was 8 months when we got him and he is almost 12 now. All his life has constantly licked his paws to the point where his fur is discoloured and in between his toes it was weepy and smelled awful. I have tried just about everything from the vet and pet stores. Steroids worked but a few days of being off them he was back to licking again. I have tried the extreme moisture and although his fur colour looks no different in between his paws looks normal, It's dry and soft and not smelly. he hardly licks at all now. I also bought the doggie deodorant spray for in between baths for my GSD who loves to roll about in bore water sodden grass! he smells much better! I can't recommend these products enough. They are natural, Aussie made and owned (which caught my attention straight away) and are saving me a packet in vet bills. Postage was really quick as well! Need I say more ...happy dogs ...happy me!


Recently bought the shampoo and cream and have seen an amazing difference after shampooing once and using cream twice. I would highly recommend!!!!! Thanks truly natural!!!!!!!


My poor shetty got a bad itch on him so I clipped him and treated him with Truly Natural once and two weeks later it's all gone and his coat has covered over. Love this stuff



 Hi just a quick note to let you know that I have ordered more of your fantastic Horse and Dog Shampoo. This time I have ordered the 1 litre bottle as this product is by far the best we have ever used. We use it as a regular shampoo and the dog come up smelling divine. I still have the cream and have not had to use it since I ordered the shampoo. Thank you once again on a truly great product.


Hi Melanie, I meant to message you a while back sorry. I wanted to thank you for your brilliant product!! I bought a tub for my chocolate Labrador who had terribly itchy skin and had gnawed it red raw. After using your product for only a few days, the angry redness began to subside. After a few weeks, she was back to a beautiful full coat! Thank you so much!!
We are so grateful for using your product, it has been an absolute god...send to us and our girl Shari. We had tried months of vet prescribed treatments, which included daily pills and expensive shampoo treatments, diets and injections! We can't recommend Truly Natural highly enough! Not only does Shari now have her beautiful thick shiny coat back, she is also itch free! And it was completely safe to use on her throughout her entire pregnancy!  Thank you so much!! Please go ahead, we would be happy for you to use our pics of your amazing product. This amazing product needs to be shared!


Hi just wanted to thank you for your awesome products and show you a before and after pic. His name is freedom and he is so happy now no sores or itching. 
Freedom's owner is also happy to report he no longer requires cortisone since using Truly Natural which is fantastic

Thanks again truly natural Henry is so much happier and sleeping through the night again with out constantly waking to itch so happy he is feeling good again x


This is an amazing product.......worked straight away on our bulldog with a skin problem. The vet could not even work out what it was on her skin but this stuff cleared it up straight away!! All hair has grown back.

Thanks for this fabulous product. Can see its results after using for just less than a week. Our dog also doesn't lick it as much as other products (maybe the lavender is not stinky enough for her ) and she walks around emitting this lovely lavender smell !!!

Amazing product our german shepherd is for ever grateful.

Fantastic product applied once the day I got it and my dog has not gnawed at his backside since.

Thanks for your cream - got it yesterday and put it straight on the greasy heel that was starting to develop on my old thoroughbred. Put some more on today and can hardly see any sign of it now. It was only 5 - 10c coin sized on each heel, but now just about gone - could it work that quick?

Hey your product worked great on my dog. He had a red itchy belly for a while, I used that product and within one application it was gone. And he used to chew at the base of the tail near his bum. (Underneath the tail) within 2 applications he doesn't chew anymore. Because it's not itchy !

Jodie Wilson
Your cream is amazing and I can not recommend it enough, I'm telling everyone about it. I used it for about 3 week on my horse's shoulder as he was losing patches of hair quite rapidly. Now I can't even see where it was! Completely healed and no trace of any hair loss or scaring. Very, very happy with it and great value for money.

Hi I just wanted to share this photo of my beautiful boy hades. He is a 1 year old blue english staffy who has had skin allergies since he was about 5 months old we tried every cream from the vet and phyohex and aloveen and nothing helped him. With only a few applications of truly naturals cream his hair is back and even a better Colour. I'm so grateful my baby is no longer scratching and is back to his beautiful self!!

Hi I ordered mine maybe 2 weeks ago and it has already improved my dogs skin, over the last 6 yrs I have spent hundreds with the vet from steroid creams, antibiotics, cortisone and medicated shampoos the list goes on, I will recommend this cream to everyone it's AMAZING.....

This stuffs awsome my pup had a gnarly rash vet kept getting me to buy stuff that doesn't work a mate got me onto this, used it twice and bam rash all gone

this is fantastic stuff help my 20+year old dogs very very itchy back (to the point of bleeding) only had to apply every few days now she has a health coat cover on her back and is much more settled. Plus one of our retired eventing horses had an "eruption" on his cheek was draining awful discharge and within 3 days all cleared up (this was amazingly quick for what it was)

Hi Melanie, just wanted to let you know I used this cream on a cavy (guinea pig) with a rather persistent fungal condition and it has cleared it up better than anything else I have used. Very pleased with the cream as I breed and show purebred cavies and skin conditions are the last thing I want or need. Thank you.

Wow. My furbaby Henry and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. A product that actually works. From the extremely quick delivery to watching the relief after only applying for 3 days is nothing short of amazing. Henry has massive skin issues and we have tried everything. Thank you for giving me back my happy little man after months of endless suffering. Cannot recommend this product highly enough!

Hi !!, just an update i got the cream the start of the week (super quick )!!!.. i have been using it and only in a couple of days i have already seen a massive improvement ! i can't believe it !!! So happy i have tried it and defiantly won't be using anything else now !

Been nearly a week since I've started using truly natural an all I can say is a massive THANK YOU. Both dogs coats are shinnier from the shampoo and the redness is gone!
Also the cream is highly recommended. My boy doesn't even scratch anymore been nearly a week and no scratching.
One pleased muma!
Thanks again so much xxx

As a new customer i want to say a HUGE thank you ..from us and our 3 furbabies . I had my doubts after years of creams, lotions, shampoos n potions ..and vet bills ..but in just over a week ..the results are nothing short of miraculous !

Only thing that helps my dog.. Thank you

I've been putting on my chihuahua twice a week and it has really helped with her itchiness , so much so it looks like i won't have to go back to the vets for an antihistamine injection

This is simply the best product around! We had tried medications from the vets (costly) then the skin condition returned, tried Truly Natural and within days could see huge improvements! Love the stuff!

Best stuff EVER!

Guest I just bathed my two dogs with this stuff on the weekend!! It relaxes them and cools the blood. They love it just as much as I do!! Thanks Truly Natural

Just received my second order today. Thank you. Far superior product than anything on the market or vets. Xx

This stuff is awesome little bit goes a long way...used it on our belgie girl and just started using it on our horse tonight for what looks like greasy heal...but its awesome stuff for our dog applied it for 2 weeks and that was a year ago..no reoccurance of the rash...keep it in your first aid kits