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Truly Natural ointment

Truly Natural 80g Dehydrated Beef Tripe treats 100% Australian Beef

Truly Natural 80g Dehydrated Beef Tripe treats 100% Australian Beef

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Spoil your dogs and/or cats with a special healthy, all natural treat. They will love them!

Beef Tripe

100% Australian Beef

Our tripe is green tripe that is unbleached & untreated, rinsed with hot water to deal with the nasty bacteria our authorities say can make you & your pet sick. With our exclusive Nutrieseal® drying process all the nutritional benefits of the tripe are intensified.

It is a powerhouse packed with vitamin B12, selenium and zinc and an excellent source of manganese and niacin (B3) and highly rich absorbable protein. Using refrigeration, coupled with our patented Nutrieseal® system, we produce premium quality tripe every time. Nutrieseal® does not destroy  any nutritional benefits like other traditional drying methods. Loyalty Pet Treats Nutrieseal® is unmatched perfection every time.

Protein 78.6%
Fat 13.5%
Fibre 2.8%
Moisture 9.6%

It is the perfect treat for stuffing in your interactive enrichment dog toys. We have a range of interactive toys here

Nutrieseal™ is the far more advanced way of drying meats & offal’s to ensure that the full nutritional value, natural flavours and aromas are preserved. The reason is simple, “Nutrieseal™” it is such a unique way of dehydrating product that we have a patent on it. It is owned by Loyalty Pet Treats, it is exclusive to Loyalty Pet Treats, that is why we are so proud of the product we produce.

Add these treats in with your order for $10 capped postage Aus wide.

Please be aware that treats are to be used in moderation and are not to be used as a meal replacement.

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