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Truly Natural ointment

Truly Natural Skin and Coat Spray contains coconut, jojoba and argan oils 500ml

Truly Natural Skin and Coat Spray contains coconut, jojoba and argan oils 500ml

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Coat spray that takes your horse from flaky and dry to silky and smooth

Does your horse have dry patches of skin? Not after using our Truly Natural Skin and Coat Spray!

This 1L Truly Natural Skin and Coat Spray contains natural ingredients such as coconut oil, jojoba oil and argan oil, which helps to effectively moisturise your horse's skin and coat. It is formulated to alleviate dryness, dandruff, and scurf while providing a deep conditioning effect.

Harsh chemicals can upset the skin, especially if it’s already dry, flaky, or inflammed. That’s why our skin and coat spray is made with all natural ingredients.

Made with virgin coconut, jojoba, neem, argan, and vitamin E oils, this spray is designed to nourish and moisturise. The added benefits of rosewood and sweet orange essential oils keep your horse smelling great.

Our skin and coat spray can be used from head to tail and nose to hoof. Simply shake the bottle well before each use and spray directly onto the irritated skin. Allow it to nourish the area and if needed wash off once it's done its job. 

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Customer Reviews

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Deb A.
Smells Beautiful

I haven't really used this yet as it says not to use it in the sun. I accidentally used it on my horses mane and tail instead of the de-tangle spray though yesterday. I thought oh no that is going to be a mess in the morning but when I went out his tail and mane was absolutely gorgeous. I'm hoping he doesn't go and roll in the dust today.

Thanks for your great feedback Deb. It's best to use in the afternoon when the sun isn't as hot and can also be used on their mane an tail. It's just a bit heavier in oils than our detangler.