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Truly Natural mane and tail detangler 500ml

Truly Natural ointment

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Make brushing a breeze with Truly Natural Mane and Tail Detangler

Brushing your horse’s mane and tail shouldn’t mean ripping out clumps of hair or having the comb get stuck in a knot. If you’re ready for brushing to be a breeze, look no further than our Truly Natural Mane and Tail Detangler!

It’s easier for mane and tail hair to tangle when it’s dry and brittle, so our specially formulated detangler was made to restore moisture and shine naturally.

Made with rich jojoba oil, organic virgin coconut oil, and vitamin E oil, our detangler’s nourishing properties soak into the mane and tail hair and immediately work to restore luster. The geranium and rosewood essential oils in the detangler add a devine scent that you and your horse are sure to love.

Using our mane and tail detangler is easy. Simply shake the bottle before each use and spray directly onto the mane and tail as needed. Then brush gently to work in the detangler. You’ll immediately notice how smooth your horse’s mane and tail become to brush! 


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