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Truly Natural ointment

Truly Natural dog and horse shampoo 500ml

Truly Natural dog and horse shampoo 500ml

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Head to tail shampoo for your dog and horse, ideal for senstive and itchy skin.

A lush coat never goes out of style!

Keep your dog or horse’s coat looking and feeling silky and luxurious with our Truly Natural Shampoo.

Suitable for body, mane, and tail alike, we use a non-toxic, chemical-free cleanser that’s tough on dirt and gentle on skin. Our all natural ingredients include potassium soaps of rice bran oil, coconut oil, castor oil, and lavender, geranium and rosemary essential oils. Who needs artificial fragrances when you’ve got the power of nature’s scents?

Not only does our shampoo smooth away dirt and grime, it conditions horse’s and dog’s skin, which fosters healthy coat growth in the future.

It is not a treatment in itself but does complement the Truly Natural cream well

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Beriman N.

There wouldn’t be enough space to write how truly amazing and wonderful this product is. From extremely sensitive skin to just your once a week bath. This is by far the best natural product made. Definitely worth every cent.


Great product at a great price.

Eliza R.
The Truly natural shampoo is

The Truly natural shampoo is a wonderful product, over the years I tried every product to try & keep my dogs coat & skin healthy but nothing helped until I started using your shampoo!
Both of my pets have healthy coats now,
It smells good & very soothing for them,
Thank you for this great product :sparkles:

Patricia H.
great product, works quickly

great product, works quickly

Natalie C.
Dog shampoo

This is the only product that has cleared up my dog’s skin allergy. He’s a different dog since I started using this shampoo. Highly recommend it!