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Truly Natural ointment

MEDIUM DOG SKIN CARE PACK Truly Natural 250g Extreme Moisture, 500ml natural shampoo & 250ml deodoriser

MEDIUM DOG SKIN CARE PACK Truly Natural 250g Extreme Moisture, 500ml natural shampoo & 250ml deodoriser

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Truly Natural Extreme Moisture

A natural moisturiser suitable for dogs and horses with very dry skin.
High quality oils including virgin coconut oil, neem oil and vitamin E rich oil makes this perfect for hydrating very dry skin. 

  • moisturises, hydrates, lubricates or softens (dry) skin
  • revitalises skin appearance; smooths or retextures skin

Truly Natural natural shampoo

Natural dog and horse shampoo gently cleanses coat and skin leaving their coat clean, soft and shiny.

Made from potassium soaps of rice bran oil, coconut oil and castor oil, glycerin and 3 essential oils great for maintaining healthy skin and hair, lavender, geranium and rosemary essential oil.

Sulphate free , no nasty harsh chemicals, no synthetic detergents, no artificial fragrances or preservatives.

Nothing but good stuff!

Our shampoo is not a treatment in itself but does complement the Truly Natural cream well.

Truly Natural dog deodoriser

Naturally conditions and deodorises your furry friends coat. Perfect for in between washes to keep them smelling fresh.

Contains vitamin E rich oil, organic virgin coconut oil and lecithin for their hair moisturising properties and essential oils of geranium and lemon eucalyptus for their fresh scent.

Leaves their coat smelling fresh and soft with a natural shine

Spray directly on dry or wet hair and rub or brush through. If your dog doesn't like sprays then spray into your hand and rub through their coat.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Suzanne T.
Not very good

The lovely smell fades to a stale smell within 24 hrs, the deodorizer is slightly greasy and the moisturiser is gritty so not nice rubbing into sore skin.

Jade H.
My dog did stop scratching

My dog did stop scratching and it smells really really nice :blush:

Elle B.
You products are the best

You products are the best I recommend you to anyone whose dog is scratching themselves. Thankyou for your great products.

Leah B.

I’m so happy with these products they are fantastic for the first time in ages we can have our little Staffy inside again she smell wonderful and has not itched since I put this stuff on her it’s been Brilliant I’m so extremely happy with the products. Brilliant service and wonderful help. I would highly recommend them to anyone especially if your dog is like my girl and had that dreadful itch and didn’t matter how much you bath her she would still smell this stuff has worked brilliantly.

Thanks so much for your great feedback Leah :)